Purchase of eDeveloper's Tender Packet for Land Sales

Allow customer to purchase tender packet online

Important Notes

  1. This service is for users to purchase eDeveloper's Tender Packet for land sales online.
  2. This service will take you about 10 minutes to complete.
  3. Users of this e-service are required to login using your Singpass.
  4. By proceeding with the login, you shall be deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use.
  5. Users will not be allowed to purchase the eDeveloper's Tender Packet after 11.59am on the tender closing date. Please note that the eDeveloper's Packet(s) purchased will be removed from the purchase history 7 calendar days after tender closing date.
  6. The responsibility of HDB and the Government is limited to notifying purchasers of the eDeveloper's Tender Packet of any additions, variations or amendments to the tender documents. If a purchaser of the eDeveloper's Tender Packet makes the contents therein available to any other party, whether an associate, a client or an agent or whosoever and whether local or overseas; it shall be the purchaser's responsibility to keep that party informed of any such additions, variations or amendments.
  7. Parties interested to participate in the tender for the site are advised to purchase the eDeveloper's Tender Packet.
  8. The eDeveloper's Tender Packet contains:
    • Conditions of Tender
    • Additional Conditions of Tender (Technical)
    • Form of Tender
    • Other relevant documents and information for the tender of the land parcel
  9. Acceptable payment mode: Nets or Credit Card