Home Improvement Programme (HIP) and Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) Financial Calculator

This e-service allows you to work out the upgrading cost payable and monthly instalments, where applicable.

Important Notes:

  1. This service will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.
  2. This service is meant for Singapore Citizens only. Permanent Resident owners need to pay the full cost for the HIP and EASE.
  3. The new costs and fittings/finishes will only be applicable to HIP projects that have not polled as at 30 Mar 2020.
  4. Please read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use before proceeding further.
Optional Improvements Options  
Toilet Upgrading1 Click to enlarge image
Replace Entrance Door2 3 Click to enlarge image
Replace Grille Gate2 Click to enlarge image
Replace Refuse Hopper2 4 Click to enlarge image
  • 1   Opting out of toilet upgrading is possible only if the toilet(s) concerned pass(es) the water test conducted by HDB.
  • 2   Cost based on one entrance door, one grille gate and one refuse hopper.
  • 3   HDB will first determine whether your flat requires a fire-rated or non-fire-rated main door, based on SCDF's Fire Code.
  • If your flat requires a fire-rated door, you can opt for the fire-rated door. A home fire alarm device (HFAD) will also be installed as part of this fire safety work.
  • If your flat does not require a fire-rated door, You can opt for the non-fire-rated main door offered under HIP.
  • 4   Replacement is for refuse chute hopper within the unit.
EASE Improvements(a)   Options  
Slip-Resistant Treatment to Floor Tiles of Toilet(s)/ Bathroom(s)(b) Click to enlarge image
Install Grab Bars(c) Click to enlarge image
Install Ramps
Flats with single-step entrance
Click to enlarge image
Install Ramps
Flats with multi-step entrance
  • (a)   Slip-resistant treatment & grab bars:
  • Flats with 1 toilet/bathroom
  • If you have done any of these items under EASE (Direct Application), the same item(s) will not be offered to you under HIP with EASE.
  • Flats with 2 toilets/bathrooms
  • If you have done these items under EASE (Direct Application) to one toilet/bathroom, you may opt for these items to the second toilet/bathroom, if applicable. You will be billed your share of the costs for these items to the second toilet/bathroom.

  • Ramps:
  • Single-step entrance
  • For flats with single-step entrance, if you have installed ramps under EASE (Direct Application), you will not be offered the item under HIP with EASE.
  • Multi-step entrance
  • For flats with multi-step entrance, you may still opt for the portable/customised ramp+ to be installed at the entrance, if you have not done so under EASE (Direct Application).

  • + The portable/customised ramps are recommended for wheelchair users assisted by caregivers.
  • + A conditional survey will be done to determine the type of ramp to be installed. Where technically feasible, the portable ramp will be offered as the default option.

  • The EASE improvement items done earlier will be retained or reinstated if they are affected by the HIP works, at no additional cost to you. The slip-resistant treatment and installation of grab bars are offered to a maximum of 2 toilets, regardless of flat type.

  • (b)   A chemical is applied to the toilet/bathroom floor tiles to enhance the slip resistance. For EASE (Direct Application) and HIP with EASE where toilet upgrading is not chosen, the treatment is applied to the existing floor tiles. For HIP with EASE where both toilet upgrading and slip-resistant treatment are chosen, the treatment is applied after toilet upgrading, i.e. to the new floor tiles.

  • (c)   The number of grab bars depends on the configuration of the toilet/bathroom. If the option of "to one toilet/bathroom and kitchen doorway" is chosen, up to 8/10 grab bars will be offered; if the option of "to two toilets/bathrooms and kitchen doorway" is chosen, 6 grab bars will be offered in addition to the 8/10 grab bars.

Monthly Instalment Plan
Repayment Period:
Current Interest Rate: 2.6% per annum, on monthly rest i.e. interest is imposed monthly based on the outstanding loan balance at the beginning of the month
Instalment Plan Amount:* SGD$  

* Notes :
  1. All amounts stated are estimates only. Final amounts will be determined only upon completion of the upgrading works.
  2. The amount payable by the flat owner is subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  3. Payment by instalments is subject to the prevailing HDB concessionary interest rate. Instalment rates computed are based on the current HDB concessionary interest rate of 2.60% per annum, on monthly rest and inclusive of the current 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).