Non-Citizen (NC) Quota for the Subletting of Flat

Find out the Non-Citizen (NC) Quota for subletting of flats for your block. The NC Quota is applicable if one of the subtenants is a non-Malaysian non-citizen (including SPRs and foreigners).

With effect from 16 Jan 2014, owners will have to consider the NC quota if one of the subtenants is a non-Malaysian Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) or foreigner. Malaysians will not be subject to the NC quota in view of their close cultural and historical similarities with Singaporeans.

The quota aims to prevent the formation of foreigner enclaves in public housing estates and will apply if any subtenant renting the whole flat is a non-Malaysian SPR or foreigner.

How the NC Quota Works

The NC quota at the neighbourhood and block level is shown in the table below:

Maximum Proportion of Flats that can be Sublet to Non-Malaysian NC Subtenants
Neighbourhood Block
8% 11%

When the NC quota has reached the block and/or neighbourhood limits, flat owners will only be allowed to sublet the flat to Singaporean or Malaysian subtenants. This quota does not apply to the subletting of bedrooms.

You can check the subtenant's eligibility to rent a flat in any block using the e-Service below.