Request for Confirmation of Eligibility to Purchase Private Residential Property

Submit an application to confirm your eligibility to purchase private residential property.

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Important Notes

  1. This form may take you about 5 minutes to complete.
  2. Persons who are listed as applicants or occupiers in an application to buy an HDB flat (both completed flats and flats under construction), including Build-To-Order, DBSS, Executive Condominium or a resale flat, are not allowed to buy or own a private property (including local and overseas), regardless whether the private property is a completed property or one under construction as this will disqualify them from buying and taking possession of the HDB flat.
  3. Singapore Permanent Resident flat owners and/or essential family members of the flat who wish to purchase local private residential property after meeting the minimum occupation period (MOP) of their flat are required to notify HDB of their purchase before they exercise the Option-To-Purchase (OTP) for the property. They would also be required to undertake to sell their HDB within 6 months of acquisition of a completed or uncompleted local private residential property.
  4. Please read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use before proceeding further.

Section A : Flat Address


Section B : Particulars of Flat Owners Purchasing the Private Residential Property

*Name of Owner *NRIC No. *Married
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*Section C : Contact Information (Please provide at least one contact information)

*Section D : Application to Purchase another HDB Flat


*Section E : Declaration

  1. All the particulars given above are true and correct and I/We have not suppressed any information which may affect my/own eligibility to purchase an HDB flat (new or resale), DBSS flat, Executive Condominium or private property.
  2. I/We fully agree and accept that HDB shall have the right to unilaterally introduce new terms and conditions, at any time, even if such new terms and conditions may adversely affect our eligibility to purchase an HDB flat (new or resale), DBSS flat, Executive Condominium or private property.


This application will take about 2 weeks to process.