Computation of Occupation Period to Check Eligibility to Purchase Private Residential Properties

Find out how long you need to stay in your flat before you are eligible to purchase private residential property.

Important Notes

  1. This function is applicable for :-
    1. flats bought directly from HDB
    2. resale flats purchased with a CPF Housing Grant; and
    3. resale flats purchased without a CPF Housing Grant (for resale applications submitted on or after 30 Aug 2010)
  2. Flat owners who have submitted an application to purchase a resale flat without CPF Housing Grant before 30 Aug 2010 are allowed to purchase private residential properties (local/overseas) without fulfilling any required occupation period.
  3. Singapore Permanent Resident flat owners and/or essential family members of the flat who wish to purchase local private residential property after meeting the minimum occupation period (MOP) of their flat are required to notify HDB of their purchase before they exercise the Option-To-Purchase (OTP) for the property. They would also be required to undertake to sell their HDB within 6 months of acquisition of a completed or uncompleted local private residential property.
  4. Please read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use before proceeding further.

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