Enquiry On Sales Financial Plan

This e-Service allows you to plan your finances in advance if you are buying a flat from HDB and are eligible for an HDB concessionary loan. It is important to do an upfront financial planning before you commit to buy the flat.

To work out your estimated financial plan if you intend to buy a flat direct from HDB, please complete the following:


(The maximum loan repayment period is 25 years)


The total amount of CPF that can be used for the flat purchase will depend on the extent the remaining lease of the flat can cover the youngest buyer to the age of 95. You are advised to check the amount of CPF that can be used for the flat purchase, using the CPF Board's e-service.


(Optional - Check your eligibility for CPF Housing Grant for HDB flats)

Additional CPF Housing Grant
Additional CPF Housing Grant (Singles)
Special CPF Housing Grant
Special CPF Housing Grant (Singles)

Interest Rate of Loan
Interest Rate Category With Effect From Interest Rate
Concessionary* 01 Oct 2019 2.6%

* The concessionary interest rate shown is the prevailing interest rate. It is pegged at 0.1% point above the CPF Ordinary Account interest rate.
The concessionary interest rate is revised quarterly, in January, April, July and October each year, in line with the revision in the CPF interest rate.