EASE (Direct Application)

This e-Service is for residents to submit EASE (Direct Application) to HDB.

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Important Notes:

  1. This service will take you about 10 minutes to complete.
  2. Please ensure attached file(s) is of the following specification.
    1. PDF or JPG format
    2. Max 5MB per file
  3. Please read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use before proceeding.
  4. To improve your website experience, we are conducting a trial to provide the option of 4 languages in our EASE(Direct Application) e-service. If you would like to provide feedback on this trial, you can do so using the enquiry/ feedback form.

Section A: Relevant Documents/ Information

  1. Functional Assessment Report (FAR), Doctor's letter/memo, medical report.
  2. Identity Number (e.g. NRIC, valid passport number) and Date of Birth of the senior.
  3. Senior's assistive device and its dimensions (optional).
  4. Please refer to go.gov.sg/hdb-ease for more information.
  5. View the EASE grab bars, ramp (single-step) and portable ramp (multi-step) in a real home environment through our Augmented Reality (AR) feature.

Please click the 'Accept' button if you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions and wish to proceed with the e-Service.

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