Application for GIRO Payment Season Parking Charges

This e-Service allows you to apply GIRO to pay for Season Parking Charges.

Important Notes :

  1. This form may take you 8 minutes to fill in.
  2. You will need the following information to fill in the form :
    1. Applicant's NRIC Number
    2. Car Park number of parking place Centralised Map Services
    3. Applicant's bank account number
  3. Upon completion, please print and mail the duly signed GIRO Application Form using the Business Reply Form provided to HDB within the next 3 working days.
  4. Please continue to renew your season parking through the Internet or self-service kiosks till you receive commencement letter informing you on the effective month of deduction from your bank account.
  5. Please read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use before proceeding further.

You can settle your HDB season parking charges through IBG if you maintain a current/savings account with ANY of the IBG participating banks and enjoy the following benefits:

* 2% rebate for each successful renewal under this GIRO scheme.

* time saved in traveling to and queuing at collection counters.

* no worry of not being secured a parking lot.

* hassle-free of remembering the date to renew season parking.

  1. The IBG Application form will instruct your bank to make automatic deductions from your savings or current account to renew your season parking.
  2. The processing period for your application is about 2 weeks. However, it may take more than 2 weeks if there is any follow-up action required concerning your application or approval by the bank comes after the deduction cycle. Meanwhile, please continue to renew your season parking through the Internet, self-service kiosks or at any HDB Branch / Service Centre.
  3. HDB will inform you of the commencement date for the deduction once your bank has approved the application (should you receive the bank's approval letter, it does not constitute the commencement of renewal through GIRO).
  4. HDB will inform your bank to deduct the exact amount payable to HDB from your bank account on the 18th of the expiry month of your existing season parking. You can check the validity of your season parking by logging into HDB InfoWEB at My HDBPage.
  5. You are required to inform any of the HDB Branch / Service Centre of the following:
    - Change of residential address
    - Change of vehicle number/car park group
    - Change of season parking renewal period
    - Change of the vehicle unladen weight (commercial vehicle)
  6. You may terminate or temporarily stop your GIRO payment by informing any of the HDB Branch / Service Centre by the 12th of the expiry month of your season parking. If your notification is after the stipulated date, deduction would have been effected from your bank account and HDB will refund the unexpired season parking ticket charges to you.
  7. If an error is made when deducting from your GIRO account, you will be refunded the overcharged amount with interest.
  8. If you require further information, please contact our toll-free HDB Branch Service Line at 1800-2255432 from 8.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays.