Online Submission of Resale Application and Request for Value

Salesperson engaged by the buyers or sellers can submit the resale application. Request for Value may be submitted by salesperson engaged by the buyers.

Important Notes

  1. This e-Service is for the submission of resale application and Request for Value.

  2. Resale Application
    1. Resale application can be submitted by salesperson engaged by the buyers or sellers.
    Request for Value
    1. Request for Value can be submitted by salesperson engaged by the buyers.
  3. Users of this e-Service are required to login using their NRIC no. and Singpass before they can proceed with the submission.

Important Message

Submission of Resale Application

You may continue to submit your resale application online. However, with the gradual resumption of our frontline services, and the time needed to process applications submitted during the circuit breaker period, we may take longer to process your application. We seek your understanding on this.

We will notify you of the completion appointment date via a SMS notification and email. You can also track the status of the application via the HDB Resale Portal.

Submission of Request for Value

HDB's appointed valuer will conduct physical inspection of the flat where a valuation is required. If a physical inspection is not possible due to any person in the flat being under a Quarantine Order/ Stay-Home Notice/ Leave of Absence, they may request the flat owner and/or his salesperson to submit the latest photographs of the flat.

Submission of Resale Application

  1. Buyers and sellers will have to submit their portion of the application separately. If they have engaged the services of a salesperson, their salesperson can submit on their behalf.
  2. Either the buyers' or sellers' portion of the resale application may be submitted first. Once the first party has submitted his portion, the second party will have to do so within 7 days. If not, the submission by the first party will lapse and they have to re-start the process.
  3. Upon the submission by the second party, the resale application will be considered as complete.
  4. With the complete set of resale application, HDB will then assess the buyers' and sellers' eligibility to buy/ sell the flat based in the date the second party submits their portion of the application.
  5. Buyers and sellers will be able to check the status of the resale application via the HDB Resale Portal.

Sellers Buyers
  • Sellers need to complete Intent to Sell at least 7 days before granting an Option to Purchase.
  • Buyers need to complete the 'Intent to Buy' in the HDB Resale Portal.
  • Buyers need to have a valid HLE letter, before sellers can grant the Option to Purchase. Buyers who intend to get a bank loan, must have a Letter of Offer (LO), before exercising the Option to Purchase.

Sellers Buyers
  • Resale Flat address
  • Option to Purchase details
  • Personal Particulars of sellers
  • Softcopy personal documents of sellers
  • Resale Flat address
  • Option to Purchase details
  • Personal Particulars of all buyers/occupiers
  • Softcopy personal documents of buyers/ occupiers
  • Softcopy income documents (if applying for CPF Housing Grant)
Those who intend to apply for the Enhanced Contra Facility (ECF) are required to indicate it in the application form. They will also be required to provide the two flat addresses in the application.

Flat Type Administrative Fee payable by buyer and by seller
1 & 2-room S$40
3-room & bigger S$80
Fees paid are non-refundable and includes Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Request for Value

  1. Buyers who intend to buy a resale flat by using their CPF moneys or a housing loan must submit a request to HDB to confirm the value that will form the basis for determining the housing loan and CPF usage.
  2. The Request for Value may only be submitted if the buyer has been granted an Option to Purchase (OTP) by the seller of the flat.
  3. The buyers (or their salesperson) must submit the Request for Value by the next working day * after the Option Date. (* Monday to Friday, which is not Public Holiday)
  4. If HDB requires a valuation of the flat, the buyers (or their salesperson) have to ensure that the flat sellers agree to allow the appointed valuers to enter the flat at any time in the day to inspect the flat.
  5. Once HDB has received the Request for Value, HDB will not accept another request for the same flat from the same buyers or different buyers, until the OTP expires.
  6. The buyers of the flat as stated in the OTP, Request for Value and resale application must be the same.
  7. The buyers can check the status of the Request for Value via HDB Resale Portal. HDB's letter that informs the buyer of the value will remain available for viewing and download until 1 month after the resale completion.
  8. Both buyers and sellers must comply with the requirements and procedures for the Request for Value as determined by HDB from time to time in accordance with the prevailing rules, regulations and policies. Any non-compliance of the Terms and Conditions for Request for Value will render the request as null and void and the processing fees paid will be forfeited.

  1. Address of the flat
  2. OTP Serial Number, Option Grant Date, Purchase Price, Option Fee
  3. Scanned copy of page 1 of the OTP (Need to attach a scanned copy of page 1 of the OTP in the Request for Value. File attachment has to be lesser than 5.0 MB and in PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG file format). Filename must not exceed 90 characters.
  4. Flat seller's name, NRIC no., contact numbers and email address
  5. All buyers' names and NRIC no.
  6. Contact details of 1 buyer
  7. Requestor's contact numbers and email address

To proceed with the submission of resale application and Request for Value, please click on one of the buttons: