Enquiry on Loan Estimate

Find out the amount of HDB Housing Loan. Apply for an HLE letter subsequently, to know the exact loan quantum you are eligible for.

Important Notes

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The following information is needed for computation of loan estimate:

Section A: Particulars of the Flat Owner(s)

You are required to submit 6 months' income proof to show that you are in continuous employment for all employment types except for employed with CPF (earning fixed salary) where 3 months' income proof is required.

Flat Owner 1
Employment Details

Flat Owner 2
Employment Details

Flat Owner 3
Employment Details

Flat Owner 4
Employment Details

Section B: Particulars of the Occupier(s)

Occupier 1
Employment Details

Occupier 2
Employment Details

Occupier 3
Employment Details

Occupier 4
Employment Details

Occupier 5
Employment Details

Occupier 6
Employment Details

* Please refer to the Income Guidelines for income that can be included for credit assessment.

^ Assumption: Based on your age, we will compute your monthly CPF contributions for Employee and Ordinary Account based on Table A of CPF Board's contribution rates.

Section C: Financial Commitments

Enter the total monthly repayment for your financial commitments such as vehicle loan, credit line / overdraft, credit card balance, hire purchase payment, renovation loan and othe loans etc:


Please click the "I Accept" button if you agree and accept that the computation progamme provides only an indicative estimate amount of the loan quantum you can apply from HDB and is based on the accuracy of the information you provided and that you will not hold HDB liable for any information provided by this e-Service and wish to proceed with the e-Service. If not, please click the "Exit" button.