Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme

Apply to rent a flat while waiting for the completion of your new HDB flat under the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS).

Important Notes

  1. This form will take you about 10 minutes to complete.

  2. Please read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use before proceeding further.

  3. Please take note of flats available before submitting the application.

  4. Only applicants who would like to rent a PPHS flat in its entirety should use this service. For those wishing to co-share a PPHS flat, please submit your application to HDB in person at:

    Rental Housing Department
    HDB Hub
    480 Lorong 6
    Toa Payoh
    Atrium 3rd Storey
    Singapore 310480

  5. The person completing this form will be deemed as the applicant for this scheme.

  6. A non-refundable administrative fee of S$10 is applicable upon completion of this form. Please note that only Debit/ Credit Cards (MasterCard or Visa) will be accepted.

  7. If you would like to make payment in cash, please do so within seven days of submitting the application, or before the end of the month your application was made, whichever is earlier. HDB will not process any application for which payment has not been received.

Please note that the persons listed below are extracted from your BTO/ SBF sales application.

  1. To delete an occupier whom you do not intend to include in this application, please click the "Delete" button.

  1. To insert newborn child(ren) who is/ are not listed in the BTO/ SBF sales application, please click the "Add Occupier" button to update his/ her particulars.

  1. For First timer-Second timer Households only:

    Applicants under this category would be required to call personally at our Rental Housing counter to submit their application, bringing along the following supporting documents:

    1. NRIC of Applicant and his/ her spouse & Marriage Certificate;
    2. Birth certificates of child/ children (if any).


  1. I have read through the above "Important Notes" and the terms & conditions for PPHS and declare that:

    1. I am currently not an owner of an HDB/ DBSS/ HUDC flat/ Executive Condominium/ property in Singapore or overseas.

    2. If I am currently a co-owner of a flat with my family members, I will undertake to relinquish my ownership in the flat within 6 months after taking possession of the PPHS flat.

    3. My family members (e.g. parents or siblings) who are listed as occupiers in this application (if applicable), are not owners of an HDB/ DBSS/ HUDC flat/ Executive Condominium/ property in Singapore or overseas.

    4. All persons listed in the application do not owe any outstanding debts to HDB.

  1. I understand that the information I have provided is a formal request to HDB to apply for a PPHS flat. It does not constitute as an approval/ agreement by HDB for my PPHS application.

By clicking "I Agree", applicants and occupiers are deemed to have read and understood the eligibility criteria for this scheme and also agree that HDB reserves the right to reject application forms with incomplete and/ or incorrect information.